Joint Projects

Joint Projects - 1. Call



Integrating the 3D capturing of the vehicle interior and environment in order to enhance the user experience during highly automated driving.



Multimodal omnidirectional 3D sensor to analyze human behavior.



Fundamental sensor concepts on the basis of pattern projections for high-definition, highly dynamic 3D captures.



Intralogistic system with driverless transport system.


"cSoC 3D"

Real-time capable 3D data processing on cascaded analog-digital customized system on a chip (csoc) architectures.

Joint Projects - 2. Call



Ergonomic assistance systems for contactless man-machine-interaction.



Three-dimensional out-of-stock detection using autonomous mobile robots.



Endoscopic panoramic imaging and fiber optic spectroscopy in urology for a multidimensional diagnosis.


Modular sensors for natural human-machine interaction and continuous processes.

"3D Assembly Assistant"

3D-based assistance technologies for a variety of assembly processes - people-centered workplace of the future.


Assistance system for quality control.


Robust generic 3D face acquisition for authentication and identity verification.

Joint Projects - 3. Call



Collaborative, mobile inspection system with human-machine interaction for 3D quality assurance.


Projection systems for machine-human communication.


From fear to trust – 3D interaction between humans and industrial robots.


Modular assistance system for safe 3D navigation and human-machine interaction of autonomous mobile robots in indoor and outdoor applications.


Contactless personal identification using a forgery-proof 3D 4-finger scanner.