Security and Environment

3D recognition of people and environments for new security concepts

Due to globalization, freight transport, personal mobility and money transfer grow rapidly. This requires increased security measures at airports, harbors, borders and high-tech companies as well as safe systems to monitor flows of passengers, to identify hazard potential or to accelerate identity verification at security checks. A fast and safe identification of individuals is the basis for an effective and efficient work by the police and security services.

The alliance 3Dsensation employs the approach of contactless, 3D based biometric identity verification and analysis of flows of passengers. Based on this, multimodal biometric identity management solutions are expected to indicate a high user acceptance, great robustness and a significant acceleration of the identity verification.

3Dsensation tackles technological challenges and addresses ethical and juridical aspects, which are relevant for a number of companies at different stages of the value-added chain. This can refer to, for instance, manufacturers of biometric systems (e.g. authorization systems, border crossing systems, eID systems), manufacturers of cell phones to identify individuals (e.g. computers, laptops), official domains (e.g. government, authorities, registration offices, police), financial sector, operators of critical infrastructures and the transport system.