3Dsensation - The Vision

By means of innovative 3D technologies, the alliance 3Dsensation gives machines the ability to record data visually and to interpret complex scenarios.  This is how machines become situationally operating partners and personalized assistants of humans. The new form of man-machine-interaction helps 3Dsensation to create a new gateway to living and working environments, regardless of age and physical fitness.

In production, 3Dsensation enables the symbiosis of humans and machines on the basis of 3D perception. It creates a safe environment for humans in manufacturing processes, guarantees the recognition of assistance functions and ensures the quality of products.  

3Dsensation enhances healthcare and secures self-determination into old age via 3D capturing and analyzing facial expressions, gestures, and movements.

The linking of 3D information to assistant systems allows 3Dsensation to promote the mobility of individuals regardless of their age-related health impairments in urban and rural areas.

3Dsensation ensures individual security via autonomous 3D analysis based on experiences concerning characteristics of individuals and motion sequences in order to identify risks and hazards.

Connecting industry and science across disciplines and business fields builds an alliance that is enabled to solve technical, ethical, and sociological issues of the man-machine-interaction.

3Dsensation develops new fundamental solutions of the man-machine-interaction and guarantees the success of Germany’s most important export industry in the future.