Partners of the Alliance 3Dsensation

Partners from industry, science, research and the service sector


Currently, 20 research institutes are involved in the initial consortium 3Dsensation. The innovation alliance for innovative man-machine-interaction cooperates with more than 40 industry partners and can draw on various networks within the partners.

The cross border synergies arising from this stimulate the innovational strength and enable 3Dsensation to expedite a fast market penetration of the new technologies.


Facts and figures:

  • More than 45 companies, of which 30 are SMEs
  • More than 30 companies from the new German federal states
  • Adressing of the demand areas production, mobility and security
  • Developers of specialized solutions and global players with access to the end customer market
  • 20 research institutes from all new German federal states
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration of human factors science, social science, law, natural science, engineering, cognitive science, humanities, creative science and medicine


Research partners and companies wanted:

The consortium is looking for research partners and companies from various disciplines and industries to solve transdisciplinary challenges.

Please contact us if you are interested.