Goals of the Alliance 3Dsensation

The innovation alliance 3Dsensations aims at fundamentally changing the man-machine-interaction. The handling of machines should become more natural, intuitive, more secure and efficient. In order to achieve this aim, the man-machine-interaction needs to be tailored to human needs and experiences.


Image capturing and image reproduction are on the brink of revolutionary changes. 200 years after the discovery of photography, the first devices for the 3D recording and reproduction of object informations are available. In order to exploit the potentials of 3D image processing in the pioneering fields of information, production, mobility and security, the intersectoral collaboration of science and industry has to be intensified. Therefore, the Fraunhofer IOF applied to become the initiator of the consortium 3Dsensation within the framework of the federal funding program “Zwanzig20 – Partnership for Innovation” by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The goal of the consortium is the interdisciplinary combination of competencies in optics/photonics, IT/software engineering and electronics with those from the fields of design, neuroscience, cognitive science and human factors science.



Revolution of man-machine-interaction

Transdisciplinary and intersectoral approach of 3Dsensation

In order to achieve the strategic goal, the development of a new generation of 3D technologies for image processing, information processing and visualization is advanced in a transdisciplinary and intersectoral research approach. Research projects from cognitive science, neuroscience, social science and human factors science as well as creative science and information technology are integrated. The matrix structure of the consortium enables an effective combination of topics from research and development as well as the extensive use of synergetic potentials beyond the declared demand area.