Production and Mechanical Engineering

Highly dynamic machine-integrated 3D measurement for highly automated production

The alliance 3Dsensation can contribute substantially to innovations in the realms of process and quality control. Almost all relevant spatial/dimensional characteristics rely on a three-dimensional view. Nowadays, this is realized by multiple measurements through inexpensive, but time-consuming 2D measuring techniques or through expensive, but slow 3D measuring techniques, depending on aspects of effort and benefit.

New, highly dynamic 3D scanning technologies can revolutionize the quality evaluation through quick scanning and complete in-line analysis of data and through the reduction of the necessary overall system.

Linking manufacturing processes to the man-machine-interaction gives way to a multitude of market perspectives, especially for medium-sized and small businesses. This also comprises the market of 3D suppliers as well as 3D users. The six most important sectors of 3D applications are:


  • Cars and engines
  • Medical devices and orthopedic products
  • Measuring, monitoring, navigation instruments and equipment
  • Machines for generating and utilizing mechanic energy
  • Basic chemical substances
  • Pharmaceutical products