Realization of a new kind of man-machine-interaction

Until today, the addressed research area of innovative man-machine-interaction has only been partially exploited. 3Dsensation pursues a holistic solution in order to use synergies as manifold as possible and achieve a fast and diversified implementation of the new technologies in industry and society. This entails a fundamental analysis and response to the transdisciplinary challenges resulting from this. Besides the technological challenges, there are also economic and social challenges which have to be taken on.

The 3D real-time process chain and technological challenges

A central challenge is the real-time capability of the entire process chain at high data volumes. The systems have to be able to record and process the data as well as stimulate the correspondent process without perceptible delays. For all the steps of this process chain, new technological and methodical/algorithmic qualities are necessary, especially the transdisciplinary combination of the scientific areas physics/optics, mathematics/IT, electrical engineering/system technology, creative and cognitive sciences.