Joint Project: COMFYdrive

Integrating 3D capturing of the vehicle interior and environment in order to enhance the user experience during highly automated driving


Highly automated driving will ensure new possibilities of individual mobility across all ages in the future. The transformed role of the driver, from an active participant to a more passive system controller, goes hand in hand with this new development and raises new questions about the man-machine-interaction. How does the automated vehicle interact with other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists? How can automated driving be a pleasurable experience for the driver and the passengers?

The necessary information about the state of the passengers inside of the vehicle and the situation on the outside require the optic sensor hardware to gather the 3D basic data which then has to be interpreted. These have to be collected from highly varying object areas with a flexible profile of requirements in regards to lateral as well as axial resolution and visual angle with great robustness against disturbances and in real time. A multiscale sensor system, which combines 3D capable principles of plenoptic array cameras, of stereoscopy and of pattern projection for the first time, needs to be developed for this task.


Participating partners:

  • TU Chemnitz
  • AiM Micro Systems GmbH
  • FusionSystems GmbH
  • Fraunhofer IOF
  • FORTecH Software GmbH
  • SQB GmbH