Joint Project: Muse3h

Fundamental sensor concepts on the basis of pattern projections for high-definition, highly dynamic 3D captures


This project focuses on the development of essential, methodic and technological groundwork to capture high-definition, highly dynamic 3D images in order to design specific sensors in main topics/areas of need that 3Dsensation addresses.


  • High resolution: in the micrometer range
  • Speed: >100 3D image/s with > VGA resolution, i.e. > 30 million 3D dots/s
  • Motion: sensors and/or measurement object, continuous measurement

Fundamental investigations of 3D sensor principles regarding measuring methods and system technology will face these challenges and will find new solutions. Thus, the development of these methods as well as 3D data calculation is a vital part of this project.


Participating partners:

  • INB Vision AG
  • ViALUX GmbH
  • OTTO Vision Technology GmbH
  • Mahr GmbH
  • HOLOEYE Photonics AG

  • IIKT- Otto von Guericke Universität
  • Institute of Applied Optics, Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Fraunhofer IOF