Joint Project: AssiQ

Assistance system for quality control

The objective of the AssiQ project is to take the current monitoring systems and strategies in production processes to a new quality level. This is to be achieved by extending 3D systems (optical component monitoring is enhanced by 3D camera integration for component measurement) and simultaneous new developments (forgery-proof code and sensor arrays). In a superordinate database, added value is generated by connecting signals of different systems and thus contextually and medially processed information is provided to the respective user in real-time by means of AR glasses. Fault messages, their causes and specific measures for their elimination can therefore be used globally for the first time using AssiQ. Due to the application of the assistance system for quality monitoring, the users are continuously supported in their decision-making process and a higher efficiency of the production is achieved.


Participating partners:

  • Markator GmbH
  • TRSystems GmbH
  • TU Ilmenau
  • GBS mbH
  • Siemens AG
  • Magnetto Automotive
  • Sternberg GmbH
  • INB Vision AG