Joint Project: cSoC 3D

Real-time capable 3D data processing in cascaded, analog-digital, customized system on a chip (csoc) architectures


Acquiring data quickly, processing them and analyzing quantitative as well as qualitative characteristics are of vital importance for the different areas of need within the endeavors of 3Dsensation in the coming years.

An innovative CMOS chip, enabled with a quick analog preprocessing option in the sensor and coupled with an efficient, digitally embedded signal processing, is to be developed to increase speed. The project cSoC-3D addresses the issues of quick quality assurance, improved software tools, uncooperative environments and objects, 3D features within the mm and nm range and sensor-based preprocessing.


Participating partners:

  • X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG
  • MRB Automation GmbH
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS
  • GÖPEL electronic GmbH
  • Mahr GmbH
  • TU-Ilmenau