Joint Project: ROTATOR

Three-dimensional out-of-stock detection using autonomous mobile robots

In the retail sector, it is vital to avoid out of stocks, OOS, and shortages. It is estimated that about 4% of sales are lost. The OOS quota is, of course, caused by errors in forecasting and wrong orders, but also one fourth by so-called "Shelf-OOS" cases in which the goods are located in the store, but not on the allocated shelf. It is particularly important to recognize when the items are sold out in advertising campaigns / second placements (promotion tracking) because the OOS quota is much higher and the cost of advertising expenses can be lost. In addition to the OOS detection, it is also not yet possible to record the actual placement of items at the point of sale on a regular basis.

The aim of the ROTATOR joint project is to detect Shelf-OOS with a mobile robot, whose OOS device captures the surroundings three-dimensionally, in a timely and autonomous manner.


Participating partners:

  • MetraLabs GmbH New Technologies and Systems, Ilmenau
  • SICK AG, Waldkirch
  • Technical University Ilmenau
  • YOUSE GmbH, Berlin