Joint Project: MOVA3D

Multimodal omnidirectional 3D sensor to analyze human behavior


The demographic change presents substantial challenges to society, which is increasingly met with technical innovations. For this purpose, a variety of concepts, for which the terminology ambient assisted living (AAL) has been established, are supposed to provide new approaches. Especially the support of dementia patients could be promoted substantially and has made great progress due to technical assistance functions. Efficient assistance and information systems are based on distributed, heterogeneous sensor networks. Such sensor technology and its fusion generate a highly complex system and an increased infrastructural effort to integrate it into the home environment.

The project MOVA3D aims at creating an integrated sensor platform to analyze the environment based on an innovative omnidirectional 3D stereo procedure to cover a room completely with one single sensor. The integration of 3D audio recording and playback enables the system to communicate bidirectionally with the patient and increases their sense of security. Additionally, a multimodal design permits a fusion between the processed 3D video and audio data.


Participating partners:

  • Design:lab weimar GmbH
  • TU Chemnitz
  • OVGU Magdeburg
  • Voice INTER connect GmbH
  • Vitracom AG
  • Fraunhofer IIS
  • NSC GmbH
  • Pattern Expert
  • Verband S√§chsischer Wohnungsgenossenschaften e.V.