Basic Project I3 : Ideas, Inventions, Innovations

»I3 : Ideas, Inventions, Innovations« supports ideas with the potential to become radical innovations in the man-machine-interaction


The project aims at providing the necessary framework for a joint innovation process within the alliance 3Dsensation. Additionally, it supports projects that have a great potential for radical innovations even though they might be considered high risk.

The focus is on projects that are of high strategic importance for the consortium and for the identified main topics. These should comprehensively expand traditional approaches or challenge them completely. The possibility of networking between participants during the project period should contribute to the multiplier effect.

One of the decisive criteria for the success of the alliance 3Dsensation is the support of an innovation culture within the consortium at an early stage. The project at hand addresses not only technologically driven approaches (e.g. product and process innovation) but also propositions for social, structural and business model innovations.


Possible project partners:

All members of the innovation alliance 3Dsensation

I³ - Projects


»3D Lip reader«

Speech recognition via visual 3D image acquisition of speech movements.



3D image capturing of objects using heat images.



Intelligent 3D activity sensor for an active and self-determined life in one's own home.



Investigations on the visualization of 3D objects in free space by means of lasers.



Interactive determination of physical performance and motor hazards.



Haptics by Sound.



Redundancy-free omnimodal 3D detection technology.



Miniaturized linear 3D array cameras.


»Single Sensor 3D«

3D capture of dynamic objects based on a single camera.