Basic Project: Postgraduate Program

Basis for fundamental-oriented initial research in the relevant fields of man-machine-interaction


Within the scope of a postgraduate program across the alliance, fundamental topics concerning 3D sensor data capturing, 3D information processing, 3D interaction and 3D visualization linked with the cognitive interpretation are addressed.

The postgraduate program is a transdisciplinary, intersectoral, fundamental research project for all partners of the alliance 3Dsensation. Summer schools – compact courses lasting several days in which various internationally recognized scientists give a deeper insight into the state of research of one special field – are an essential element of the graduate program and therefore also of the scientific platform of the alliance.

A professional training permits the development of technical expertise of the participants with respect to their doctoral project and paves the way for a successful career in science or industry by providing additional qualifications. The program is aligned with the interdisciplinary research fields of the 3Dsensation alliance and offers lectures, hands-on experience and workshops from all the relevant scientific fields.


Possible project partners:

All members of the innovation alliance 3Dsensation




Methods for ultrafast three-dimensional detection of time-varying light fields.



3D facial analysis for identification and man-machine communication.



Photonic nanomaterials to control light.



Hybrid procedures for 3D perception of humans for the social assistance robotics in public and domestic application scenarios.



Contribution to hyperspectral 3D surface acquisition and processing for industrial image processing.



Modeling Processes of behavioral intentions and intended action from multimodal 3D data.



Application of optical and textile-based sensors for the detection of fatigue and stress parameters in selected working scenarios.



Suitability of autostereoscopic displays in the vehicle context, including distraction, safety and comfort.



Geometric Modeling of a Multi-Aperture-Array-Projector for 3D Measurement


Contact-free camera-based measurement of vital parameters with enhanced immunity to interference.

Projects of junior groups



Transformation optics for multidimensional detection.



Highly dynamic 3D sensors in extended spectral ranges.



Eye-safe 3D measurement technology in SWIR.