Contact-free camera-based measurement of vital parameters with enhanced immunity to interference

Heart rate, respiration and heart rate variability are important vital parameters of humans. Currently distributed devices for measuring these parameters use exclusively contact-based measurement methods. These are associated with some drawbacks. It is necessary to apply a measuring head to the body. This is usually unpleasant for the wearer or can even cause skin irritations or pain, when, for example, adhesive electrodes or spring clips are used for the fixation. Moreover, the transmission of pathogens can occur, or it can be costly to ensure the germ-freeness of the measuring instruments. Furthermore, freedom of movement is restricted, on the one hand, by the cabling required as a rule, and on the other hand, movements can lead to slipping or detachment of the measuring head or the electrodes, which are accompanied by disturbances in the measurement.

The objective of this project is the development of a 3D image-based, non-contact measurement method, which offers the user maximum freedom of movement and maximum comfort, operates robust and fast, and is easy to use.