Highly dynamic 3D sensors in extended spectral ranges

The fast, accurate and non-contact three-dimensional detection of moving objects and scenes is an elementary task in countless areas of application. A typical representative of optical 3D measurement methods is the pattern projection. Conventionally, light is used in the visible spectral range for the illumination, so that mirroring or deep black surfaces and transparent or translucent materials are presently a great challenge for pattern projection technology. In order to also detect such objects in a manageable three-dimensional manner, it appears to be useful, in addition to the diffuse reflection, to utilize further interaction mechanisms of electromagnetic radiation with the object surface, for example absorption and resulting local heating, by moving to wavelength rages in which the objects have deviating properties.

Within the scope of the project, the fundamental interaction mechanisms between electromagnetic radiation in the UV / IR range and objects, which are uncooperative in the VIS, are therefore to be analyzed and modeled.