Basic Project: 3D Sensor Principles

Foundations for a need-oriented development of 3D sensors


The fundamental project records, analyzes, structures and evaluates the entirety of competences of the 3D data collection within the alliance 3Dsensation. It enables the members of the alliance to select their partners and methods purposefully to implement their projects. Additionally, it illustrates potential for improvement of existing 3D imaging and measuring methods as well as their development.

For the establishment of the 3Dsensation consortium, a wide range of the German industry and research sector with a common interest in problem solving through 3D data was included. The focus is on the fields of production, healthcare, security and mobility. Their application leads to a variety of requirements concerning quality, quantity, robustness as well as disposition (speed) of the information that needs to be collected.

By means of the fundamental project, the members’ existing competences are compiled, presented in a comprehensible way, and evaluated experimentally in regards to the covered parameter space. Furthermore, it permits to point out development potentials and synergetic solutions with application potential and make the results of the entire alliance available. The fundamental project for collecting 3D information identifies synergies relating to shared functions, principles and the technological basis of the 3D sensors and unearths common development requirements. This results in the analysis of potential innovation and the design of a strategy for future research projects.




Listed below are the results of the project available as download. They include the developed outline for the 3D sensor data sheet as well as an overview of the evaluated sensors of this project.


If you have any questions concerning the 3D sensors evaluated in the project, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Gunther Notni (send email).