3Dsensation Innovation Award 2020 for “FOLLOWme ILS” and “ROTATOR”

In the course of this year's general meeting, the “3Dsensation Innovation Award 2020” could be awarded for the first time. In a call for proposals in spring 2020, the consortium partners were invited to suggest suitable projects for the production of an image video to communicate the scientific successes of the research alliance to the public.

The prerequisites for participation were a high degree of innovation and the fact that the project had already reached practical application and had been made public through trade fair presentations, conference contributions or publications. Out of five applications, two projects were selected for an award.

The community of the research alliance chose the project “FOLLOWme ILS” with a driverless transport system. The jury, consisting of the 3Dsensation steering group, selected the project “ROTATOR” as the winner. This project is a three-dimensional out-of-stock detection by means of a robot, which enables the mobile and autonomous detection of inventory in retail.

The winning projects will get the opportunity to produce an image film under professional marketing supervision. The aim is to support the projects in order to anchor their results in the long term and to promote the transfer of research into practice.

Visualization of the project version of “FOLLOWme ILS”.
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Visualization of the project version of “FOLLOWme ILS”.