Basic Project: Human Factor

Methods for the user-centered development of 3D technologies


3D is more than just the spatial representation of objects. Humans want to apply 3D objects, they want to capture them, touch, move and change them. This has to happen in such an elegant and intuitive way that it is an enrichment for their work. Like any other technological solution, 3D technology will succeed in society if it is useful as well as wanted and understood by the consumers. This is why it is crucial that the requests, needs and competences of humans take center stage from the beginning on. The human element as a user and beneficiary of technological systems is a decisive factor for the success of the innovation.

In order to consider the human factor, it is necessary to observe the three interdependent levels of acceptance, acceptability and man-technology-interaction. The precondition for the acceptance of a 3D technology is its acceptability in the social context. Only after guaranteeing this, the majority of users will accept a 3D technology in a specific field of application and a widespread use will be possible. On this level, the man-machine-interaction takes effect. It shapes the concrete functions of a 3D technology in a specific work context and ensures the usability.

The results of the fundamental joint project can be used in future research and development projects as follows:

  • Investigation of the project-specific need for user-centered methods to develop concrete technological solutions (e.g. through checklists)
  • Methodological inclusion of the human element in good time to bring forth ideas and evaluate innovative technological solutions (e.g. by including domain-specific user knowledge)
  • Selection and application of customized methods for a user-centered development in the areas of need
  • Planning, implementing and monitoring customized, user-centered methods for specific development projects (e.g. with the help of handbooks) and guaranteeing the design of new technological solutions in line with the user and the market



  • Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Ilmenau University of Technology
  • Fraunhofer HHI
  • ATB Arbeit, Technik und Bildung GmbH