Basic Project: 3D-GestFus

Guidelines for the interaction of gestures and facial expressions and perceptually enhanced visualizations of merged 3D images


Partners from diverse scientific and economic fields with different competences work together in the alliance of 3Dsensation. They will carry out research and development projects in form of consortia from mid-2015 onwards. One of the main ideas of 3Dsensation consists in bringing together as many partners from different fields as possible. However, not all consortia need to have all the relevant competencies and experience, making the establishment of guidelines seem obsolete at the beginning of the project. This is where the tasks of the fundamental project set in. It is supposed to establish fundamentals for two topics that stand out due to their high synergy potential:


I - 3D gesture interactions

II - Merging of 3D images from different sources (incl. augmented reality).

The scientific bases and research results concerning these topics should not only be processed and focus on the subjects of 3Dsensation. They should also be revised. Thus, partners of future research and development projects can understand and realize these issues without having in-depth knowledge beforehand.

Results of the fundamental project 3D-GestFus (in German)



  • Fraunhofer HHI
  • Humboldt University Berlin
  • OVGU Magdeburg
  • Charité Berlin
  • Gesellschaft für Bild- und Signalverarbeitung mbH
  • Carl Zeiss AG